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3 Communication Coachings to Boost your Professional Development

When we ask organizations what competency they want most in their employees and leaders, regardless of industry or organizational mission, the answer is usually communication. When we ask why communication we are usually told because it is central to teamwork, leadership, productive conflict resolution, change management, and employee engagement. So if you are struggling to […]

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What’s Psychology got to do with Employment Liability?

The top 10 Employment Liability Concerns noted by the Society for Human Resource Management (#SHRM) and the American Bar Association over the last 15 years are completely avoidable for every organization from small family-run businesses to giant government agencies. The key is in understanding that having a comprehensive insurance, a great law firm on your […]

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2x2x2 Meeting Structure = > Coordination

Tired of leading boring, pointless meetings and telling people the same things over and over? Frustrated because your colleagues refuse to take ownership or act on priorities? Surrounded by folks who just can’t get on the same darn page to save any sanity? Many such problems and challenges arise because their isn’t a coordination structure […]

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Use the RRI Method to Manage More – Wisely.

If you want to work well with others, then you need a communication protocol. The term “protocol” sounds daunting but it simply means an official procedure for doing something; and a communications protocol is a procedure for sharing information (usually verbally) between two entities. The good news is that effective protocols are not complicated, and […]

Press Release: Minerva and FiPar Financial Collaboration

Linking Trust People To Trust Process PRESS RELEASE–San Antonio, TX–April 7, 2017–In continuation of its commitment to offer industry-leading ideas, strategies and solutions to bank trust departments and trust companies, FiPar Financial, Inc., San Antonio, Texas, a nationally recognized institutional trust consulting firm, today announced a strategic partnership with Minerva Work Solutions, PLLC, San Antonio, […]

State your Intentions, Please!

Before taking action, you can save yourself a lot of grief by making sure those around you are aware of what is going on.  From our work with military and para-military teams working in extreme environments, we have learned that one of the quickest and simplest ways to build a shared understanding and coordinate group […]

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In-Depth, Special Guest Review of Teamwork Skills Development

Make Your Teamwork Training Faster, Cheaper AND Better By William O’Keefe Do your people need to perform complex tasks in a team environment? Is your training program as efficient as you would like? There is a way to make it faster, cheaper AND better. If your organization is like most, an employee is first trained […]

Eliminating Wrongs Won’t Help You Win at Work

You’ll never win when you only debrief what went wrong. This is like trying to coach a basketball team by only telling them what not to do. If you want to win more as a team at work, then debrief every major project (e.g. project completion, grant application, board meeting, policy or system implementation) as a […]

Be Inspired: A Look into What Going to Mars Will do to Our Minds

What effects will astronauts experience psychologically in space to Mars and beyond?  NASA and its researchers are busy trying to investigate those answers. Check out this fivethirtyeight article that includes our very own Dr. Kelley Slack as she and a group of researchers share the latest research on this topic area and discuss critical factors […]

Pysch Says the 10 Top Interests are…

In order to keep building engaged and talented teams and continuously thrive, organizations must know what behavioral and psychological challenges are trending. Which business challenges must be addressed to ensure success right now? Fortunately, the Society of Industrial-Organizational Psychologists (SIOP) studies the workplace behaviors of employees and organizations in order to facilitate more meaningful work. Each year, […]