SAReads Board Chair - Kathryn Keeton - Executive Coach

Minerva’s Dr. Kathryn Keeton Named Board Chair of SAReads

For Minerva, Social Responsibility is one of our core values. We demonstrate our commitment to this value by contributing at least 30% of our work pro-bono for non-profits and other service oriented businesses. We use our expertise in effective work practices, team work training, and organizational development to help these organizations achieve their goals. Minerva’s […]

Teamwork Skills Training

What is a S.T.A.R. moment?

The S.T.A.R. (Stop, Think, Act, Review) moment is the time-out that stands between your team and a nuclear disaster.  During our work with teams in extreme environments doing experiential teamwork skills training, we realized that many teams struggle to get every team member on the same page. Starting the decision-making process to address a crisis […]

Social Responsibility - Working to Make Society Better - A Core Value

Social Responsibility – A Minerva Core Value

Why does Social Responsibility matter? Early this morning I woke to the sound of dogs barking madly, mine, the next-door neighbors’ and the ones next to them. Then I heard a sharp pop followed by two more pops. Three neighborhood vehicles were on fire. Thankfully, the fire department put the fire out quickly. #SocialResponsibility Arson […]

Communication Coaching - Work Wiser - The Wisdom That Works

3 Communication Coachings to Boost your Professional Development

When we ask organizations what competency they want most in their employees and leaders, the answer is usually communication. When asked why, we’re told because it’s central to teamwork, leadership, productive conflict resolution, change management, and employee engagement. If you’re struggling to kick your professional development to the next level, try our three coaching tips […]

Employment Liability - Minerva - The Wisdom That Works

What’s Psychology got to do with Employment Liability?

The top 10 Employment Liability Concerns noted by the Society for Human Resource Management (#SHRM) and the American Bar Association over the last 15 years are completely avoidable for every organization from small family-run businesses to giant government agencies. The key is in understanding that having a comprehensive insurance, a great law firm on your […]

How can I lead more effective meetings? - #WorkWiser

Effective Leadership – Lead More Productive Meetings

Do you find yourself asking “How can I lead more effective meetings?” Tired of leading boring, pointless meetings and telling people the same things over and over? Frustrated because your colleagues refuse to take ownership or act on priorities? Surrounded by folks who just can’t get on the same darn page to save any sanity? […]

teamwork training, executive coaching

Use the RRI Method to Manage More – Wisely.

If you want to work well with others – manage more wisely – then you need a communication protocol. The term “protocol” sounds daunting but it simply means an official procedure for doing something. A communications protocol is a procedure for sharing information (usually verbally) between two entities. The good news is that successful protocols […]

Press Release: Minerva and FiPar Financial Collaboration

Linking Trust People To Trust Process PRESS RELEASE–San Antonio, TX–April 7, 2017–In continuation of its commitment to offer industry-leading ideas, strategies and solutions to bank trust departments and trust companies, FiPar Financial, Inc., San Antonio, Texas, a nationally recognized institutional trust consulting firm, today announced a strategic partnership with Minerva Work Solutions, PLLC, San Antonio, […]

State Your Intentions - Work Wiser - The Wisdom That Works

State your Intentions, Please!

State Your Intentions Before taking action, you can be proactive by making sure those around you are aware of what’s going on.  From our work with military teams working in extreme environments, we have learned that one of the simplest ways to build understanding and coordinate group efforts is to require every team-member to state […]