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Many of our organizational clients struggle to provide the actionable, on-going coaching necessary to continuously improve employee communication, teamwork, and leadership skills; and many of our individual coaching clients struggle to obtain enough explicit, objective, and behavior-based feedback to inspire and motivate their career development. In the interest of improving everyone's ability to self-assess, solicit feedback, mentor others effectively, and develop professionally, we are pioneering a tool known as EvalWiser

  • The communication skill development portion of EvalWiser is now available FREE to all of our coaching clients.

We hope you’ll try it out, because we believe that your work deserves to be meaningful and effective.

What exactly is EvalWiser?

EvalWiser is a web-based application for applying Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scales to professional self-development. Psychologists created BARS to make professional performance criteria more explicit by anchoring ratings against specific behavioral examples.

Any competency can be assessed and developed with EvalWiser’s BARS, as long as the behaviors are scientifically defined and validated.

EvalWiser allows adults to use any device/ PC to easily count, as well as rate observable behaviors for a given competency, like communication, after any given situation and get immediate insights that help them learn more effective behaviors. Our communication BARS were developed with the help of non-profit organizations, so as a socially responsible Public-Benefit Company we’ve made EvalWiser free to those who wish to develop professional communication skills.

EvalWiser also allows for increasing automation in feedback—and reduces the amount of time adult learners have to wait to get information they can use for their own professional development.


Learn more about BARS.

Answers to frequently asked questions

EvalWiser makes BARS better.

Our EvalWiser BARS web-application can be adapted to allow self, peer, supervisor/ mentor, or teams to assessments of any competency once the behaviors are scientifically defined and validated to your context.

  • We have existing BARS, backed by larger research domains, for some competencies you can choose to use (i.e. communication, decision-making, leadership-followership, teamwork, etc.).
  • If you have studied and know what behaviors represent your competency at various performance levels, then our programmers can write in your BARS for cost plus a nominal fee.
  • If you haven’t done the research yet to specify your competency, Minerva’s research psychologists can help with that too (through a variety of funding models).

EvalWiser allows for BARS to be:

  • run on any computer or device of any size
  • accessible 24/7 by multiple users at the same time
  • used in situ or immediately post-event to count and rate behaviors
  • available for self, peer, supervisor, and team assessments
  • automatically generate databases and report relevant to many purposes
  • applicable to professional development/ coaching, performance appraisal, competency-based education and training effectiveness, and research outcome measurement
#workwiser with EvalWiser
#workwiser with EvalWiser

EvalWiser can give Personalized Cumulative/ Longitudinal Feedback

While our EvalWiser BARS web-application can be configured to do multiple levels of assessments (e.g. self, peer, supervisor, team) and deliver feedback to any level of user (individuals, teams, organizations) for a number of purpose, the default version of EvalWiser is designed to do self-assessments and deliver individual level feedback for the purpose of developing professional competencies.

By default (unless otherwise customized for your organization):

  • The person completing the assessment is considered the individual user (even when you are rating someone else, so you will need to share with the person you are rating if it is not a self-assessment)
  • Your user data is CONFIDENTIAL and is NOT shared (e.g. given to your supervisor, etc.) without your express written permission.
  • If you agree that you want personalized feedback from a Minerva coach, then cumulative analyses are done by our I-O Psychologists at the end of each month in order to provide you with a trend report and additional coaching/ training recommendations.
  • Reports and training recommendations are e-mailed directly to you (the primary user) and you alone (you can share if desired).

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