Work Deserves To Be Meaningful And Effective

We Build Engaged and Talented Teams with the Science of Industrial-Organizational Psychology


Who is Minerva?

We are experts in Industrial-Organizational Psychology

(we help make you look smart working with your people).

  • We improve employees, teams, and organizations by applying evidence-based practices pull from psychological science
  • We make work meaningful and effective by:
    • Improving Human Resource Management Practices
    • Measuring and Motivating Employee Engagement, Well-being, and Potential
    • Providing Behavior-based Coaching and Team Building
    • Guiding Organizational Development

What will Minerva Do for You?

We understand that your work is unique.  That's why we

listen; we ask smart questions aimed to help you

discover the wisdoms that make your work more meaningful

and effective.

  • Team Building and Teamwork Training
  • Leadership Development and Coaching
  • Strategic Employee Engagement Program Implementation
  • Survey Analysis and Synthesis
  • Job Analysis and Assessment Development
  • Competency Modeling and Behaviorally Anchored Ratings Systems
  • Change Management and High-Reliability Organizational Development

Why is Minerva Good for Your Organization?

Our unique consulting philosophy emphasizes serving you,

and leaving you with the wisdom you need to

continue making your work more meaningful and effective.

  1. We apply psychological science to reduce your costs, turnaround times, and liabilities.
  2. We educate you so that you can continuously use psychological science to make work more meaningful and effective.
  3. We tailor our consulting to meet the unique needs of your organization and stakeholders.

We Provide:

  1. Extensive stakeholder partnering that ensures success in all project goals.
  2. Highly conscientious adherence to technical, legal, and professional guidelines.
  3. A strong track record of creating long-lived, successful products, plans and interventions.

To learn more about Industrial-Organizational Psychologists, see this video produced by our professional association (